Monday, 28 July 2014

Trimester 3: Week 29 My Pre-Term Labour Scare

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Week 29 was horrific for me. I was admitted into Mt Alvernia Hospital with contractions 4minutes apart after a visit to the Gynae on Wednesday late afternoon. I experienced strong tightenings that were painless but unsure, I called the Gynae who summoned me down to his clinic immediately. HubBear and I dropped our work and rushed my body down. Not good, the Gynae checked us into the hospital, where I stayed for 5 days.

Day One

I was put on a Ventolin drip. This is painful. The drug had its side effects - trembling hands, heart palpitations, faster heart rate, nausea, headache, breathlessness, pain across the shoulders and more... I was miserable. It didn't help that HubBear was not allowed to stay overnight at the delivery suite where I was held. 

I was strapped to the CTG monitor and locked in contractions 4minutes apart. Gynae instructed that I be jabbed with two doses of steroids (to help mature baby's lungs just in case labour was not prevented), 12 hours apart. The first dose came after dinner. I clung onto HubBear but almost collapsed from the pain when the steroid was being injected into my buttock. How on earth can anyone take in such a lethally painful jab?! I could not move for 30 excruciating minutes and yea I cried....

What's dreadful was that the next shot is 12 hours later aghhh. Soon, HubBear had to leave as visiting hours = over!!! Not good. I couldn't sleep of course, because I was in shock - from not knowing what's happening, what's going to happen, worrying about baby, worrying about complications, terrified by the next injection, very lonely and very lost, having to pee helplessly in bed on the pan - so then that's it, at 4am I broke down and cried, wished I can go home. 

HubBear promised to come very early to accompany me and I waited patiently whilst watching Cartoon Network to calm myself down.

Day Two

HubBear came at 7am. At 730am I was given my second dose of steroids. I cried and cursed at the pain silently, and I lost all my appetite for breakfast - chicken porridge, just a few mouthfuls and HubBear finished the rest. I was strapped to the CTG monitor again and the contractions had subsided. Gynae came and said if all is well, I will be off the drip, warded in the afternoon and check out tomorrow. 

Baby was cooperative, I was taken off the drip to try oral medication, and warded - HubBear can stay with me finally! The first thing I did was pass motion, which took me 30mins because I constipated.... I was so terrified I would stimulate labour but thankfully nothing happened. 

After the toilet break, I was brought down to do an ultrasound scan to check for dilation or thinning of the cervix. Baby is fine at 1.6kg, my placenta is in a good position, there was no sign of dilation or thinning of the cervix, everything was just good and normal. Perplexed.  

Unfortunately just after tea break, I had to be wheeled back to the delivery suite again because I was having contractions again sigh. Which also meant HubBear cannot stay with me for the second night and I will be alone again. I had the most pathetic dinner intake and felt extraordinarily miserable. The ventolin Drip was put back up and I was on a strict bed rest, and can only pee in the bed pan. 

HubBear stayed as long as he could, but was ordered to leave at 10pm. I think this policy has to be scrapped because I thought I was suppose to remain stress free? His departure made me extremely stressed out and depressed. The trembling hands made EVERYThing worse because I could not use my phone to keep myself occupied, the tv channels were limited and if you didn't know, mediacorp channels repeated their lousy programs?! I wonder why some programs are even aired because the quality is just terribly dated. They are also phasing out to become digital in two years which means if you cannot afford a digital tv, you won't be able to watch tv anymore. 

I watched Cartoon Network the whole night whilst I waited for the clock to tick by, until I see my HubBear again.... 

Day Three
Gynae came before HubBear. He checked the contractions and was not very happy, told me that if by 2pm CTG monitoring fail, I will have to remain in the delivery suite and cannot be warded. To be honest, I was a little angry at baby... because he has dashed my birthday hopes. I thought we could celebrate the same birth date together! Naughty boy thinks otherwise.

After lunch, I was strapped up to the CTG and we prayed for the best. Zero contractions! Passed, I was off the drip and wheeled out at 3pm to the ward! Hopeful of checking out tomorrow! I miss my bed and pillows.

Day Four and Five
Unfortunately, I was held under observation until Sunday after lunch because the contractions came back and forth, but thankfully I didn't have to go back to the dreadful delivery suite. Needless to say, the hospital bill cost us a bomb. This is despite the good govt 'intervention' claiming a 'good' scheme which wasn't at all helpful in managing my money for me, I can only glare at the big amount I have in my account but barely use it zzzzz, resentment much! 

Our offices sent us well wishes and beautiful flowers which helped lifted my mood quite a bit. I've lost weight, my face is not as round anymore.

There have been several depressing moments where I was being slapped with accusations like
- you drink too much cold drinks 
- you walk too much 
- you didn't eat well nourish diet
- you must have done something wrong
- you are too stressed
- you have a bad temper 
- and many more....

Honestly, these comments made me very depressed and stressed out because I worry about my own body more than anyone else. I have no intention to cause this event, that would be absurd. Everyone became a professional when they are clearly not, based on their own skewed non medical opinions and even hearsay. I haven't even the courage to inform HubBear's parents because I know I would not be able to accept any more unnecessary comments that have been 100% negative and uninvited so far. I didn't allow HubBear to share this news with his parents and I'm glad I didn't. I know deep down I've already reached my limit and I was on the verge of breaking down and it's definitely not good for baby. I don't need any more supposedly 'for your own good' advise which doesn't help me at all, instead provokes and causes more stress to my body. I can take care of my body. 

I did ask my Gynae why it happened? He said 99.9% there are no reasons or answers, it just happens, even if you are healthy to anyone. 

I am now back at home on a relax on bed rest instruction for this entire week - no walking no shopping no stress no anxiety no crazy emotions be happy etc, which is likely to be extended when I see my Gynae this Saturday. He has a recommendation for me to stop work already and will discuss with me on the plans this weekend. I can see the seriousness when he frowns and he means it, sigh.

We are trying to hold off labour until I reach week 32, if better, week 36. In my heart, I hope I can hold it off until my birthday which is week 39... Kinda challenging, not impossible. God luck. 

Monday, 21 July 2014

[Giveaway] 3 Tickets to catch A Touch of Sin (Closed)

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I participated in a contest held on the Official Facebook page of Films At The Fort and won 5 tickets to watch A Touch of Sin. I thought it was a pair I was winning. Nevertheless, I'd like to give away 3 tickets = 3 pax (altogether worth $83.40) to anyone who'd also enjoy the film just like we would, and take a nice mid-week break.

Giveaway Closes at 12pm on 25 July 2014.
Only the winner chosen at random will be notified by email.
Please send the following details: Your Name and Your Mailing Address


Movie: A Touch of Sin
Date: 7 August 2014 (Thursday)
Time: Read Below (Gates Open 5pm, Movie starts at 730pm)

Venue: Fort Canning Park, opposite National Museum of Singapore
Directions: City Hall, Bras Basah and Dhoby Ghaut MRT stations are a short walk from the venue. If you are arriving via taxi, direct the driver to Fort Canning Park (Canning Rise Rd), opposite the National Museum Singapore.

Synopsis: A “brilliant exploration of violence and corruption in contemporary China” (Jon Frosch, The Atlantic), A TOUCH OF SIN was inspired by four shocking (and true) events that forced the world’s fastest growing economy into a period of self-examination. Written and directed by master filmmaker Jia Zhangke (The World, Still Life), this daring, poetic and grand-scale film focuses on four characters, each livingin different provinces, who are driven to violent ends. An angry miner, enraged by widespread corruption in his village, decides to take justice into his own hands. A rootless migrant discovers the infinite possibilities of owning a firearm. A young receptionist, who dates a married man and works at a local sauna, is pushed beyond her limits by an abusive client. And a young factory worker goes from one discouraging job to the next, only to face increasingly degrading circumstances.

More Handy Information (Read More Here)

Gate Opens:
The event gates will open at 5:00pm at which time the bar and food collection will open. Ticketholders are encouraged to arrive early to enjoy a drink and meal with friends and relax in the ambient setting before watching the feature film on the big screen under the stars. The feature film will begin at dusk (approximately 7:30pm).

What to bring: 
Inflatable back-rest cushions ($12.50 each)

1) (Strongly Recommended) You can purchase inflatable back-rest cushions here. If you do not purchase one of these (Click here), we suggest bringing a picnic rug or something similar to sit on. 

2) Delicious food can be pre-purchased here. There will be no food for sale at the event. You can bring your own food if you wish to. 

3) Please bring your ticket and identification (for age verification)* *All ticketholders to films that are classified PG13, NC16 or M18 must be aged 13, 16 & 18 years above respectfully on the day of the screening

What not to bring:
1) You are NOT permitted to bring your own alcohol. Our carefully selected bar menu will be available for sale throughout the event and is reasonably priced. Bags will be checked upon entry for alcohol. 

2) Wet Weather Terms & Conditions
This is an all-weather event. In case of extremely adverse weather, the organiser reserves the right to cancel the performance. A performance is deemed cancelled only after an official announcement by Groundswell Events. No refunds will be possible. If you have pre-purchased food and your screening is cancelled, your food will still be available for collection from the event. If you do not collect it on the date of your ticket, we will dispose of it and no refunds will be granted.

3) Smoking is strictly prohibited.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Trimester 3: Week 28

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- I've finally reached my final trimester, 7 months pregnant with 12 more weeks (3 more months) to go and I will get to see this little boy that's been inside me.

- I have a craving for durians and I am trying my best to curb the temptations as far as I can, well miserably. I try.

- I have two months left to clear up as much work as I can before I go on my maternity leave. Somehow, that is also a miserable attempt. I try. I've been extraordinarily busy, time seems never enough, I think I should reorganize my time and tasks management again....

Mixed emotions, because I can't seem to want to let go of work at all, I love it too much wahahaha. I'm excited about the arrival of Bubz it's arghhhh making me feel so torn. Shall take one step at a time, breathe....

- Bubz is getting heavier and heavier, the pressure around my pelvic region is building up uncomfortably, sometimes painful. 

- Kicks and elbow jabs are stronger and not really enjoyable as Bubz grows and fights for more space

-  Breathlessness increases as my stomach and lungs give way to this baby, what a priority.

- My parents bean sprout husks pillow making is almost complete, and I wonder if I should have one such pillow of my own too hahaha for the fun of it. 

- I can't wait to slim down.... Can I? 

Friday, 11 July 2014

Trimester 2: Week 27 Food Poisoning Scare

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Week 27 has been shocking:

- I now weigh 74.8kg, surpassing the weight I gained in total for the second pregnancy which was only 74kg. I still have 3 more months to go.... Not good

- I suffered from food poisoning last night with sharp pains jabbing my upper tummy and then I vomited violently... 

HubBear went into shock mode as I crunched up my body in silent pain. He kept talking to me but really, I am was in too much pain to open my eyes, I could not open my mouth at all to talk. I vomited a few plastic bags worth of trash hehehe he almost dragged me to the hospital but I was too heavy. I just wanted to sleep on the bed because my head weighed like 1000kg and I was in too much discomfort to move. 

I don't know if I passed out or slept. I knew that I've never seen my man panicked like that before hehe, it's a nice feeling. 

- I used so much 'force' vomiting, the blood vessels in my left eye exploded

- This morning I woke up with cramps on the lower tummy. HubBear was away at work when I awoke, like damn. I prayed for the baby to STAY INSIDE and now's not the time to come out to see the world. Paranoia and stressed out that I may be having contractions, I laid on the bed didn't dare to move until HubBear rushed back at 12pm and we went to the Gynae.

- All is well after a check and Gynae says it's a bad case of food poisoning and my tummy is very bloated and I would experience sharp pain and diarrhea. He ordered rest and very light diet to go with his prescribed medication. 

- Our Bubz has grown tremendously and now weighs 1382grams (about 1.4kg), which seems to me to be an above average weight? I just hope I don't have to undergo a caesarean to get him out, crossing my fingers he won't tear my vagina badly too. 

- Bubz is now securely head down and has been very active and getting stronger. I don't remember a time he stopped moving. His kicks can be rather painful at times. He reacts to all sorts of sounds. He does not like it if I press my body on the bed because it meant he had lesser room, and well he will KICK up a fuss and I would always have to give way to him. I am guessing he has long legs like his Papa.

- Reminiscing skinny times  

- Over the last weekend, we went to the Baby Exhibition at the Expo. I asked our Bubz if we could win something for him. Lucky lucky, we won ourselves $200 cash vouchers! Was unbelievable when I heard my name being called. I tried to hop in joy but I couldn't. We were both overjoyed.

- We bought a huge playhouse for Bubz which will be delivered today. The bubbles are all going to be too happy to play in it when the staff set it up later! 

- after a ridiculous period of sleepless nights, HubBear has finished his examinations and 2 Thesis like FINALLY!!!~~ The end of his degree programme. We now wait for the results and his graduation ceremony. He is going to be a graduate hehehe I am so proud of him. He makes studying part-time at this old age really painful. We are glad it's finally over and he can now concentrate on being a Father and my Husband. I don't remember when we last slept together at the same time already. I'm so happy we can start spending more time together before Bubz come out.

Puffy and Bubz

Lying on the bed for the whole day can be really tiring.... But now that Gynae has given the green light, I want to recover fast so that I can participate at tomorrow morning's walkathon!!! 

It's Friday again, yay!!! 

Friday, 4 July 2014

Trimester 2: Week 26

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- Just weighed myself last night measuring 75.4kg (a horrifying 26.4kg weight gain to date)

- I'm sure I do not have twins inside my body because we went for 2 detailed scannings which cannot be wrong. Everyone is reacting in a shocking manner when they look at the size of my stomach, well I'm just as bewildered myself and having doubts. The next gynae visit is next week, and we'll ask again for a check to see if it is only just one baby boy. 

- Ever since I begun taking the Blackmores PreNatal Supplements, I haven't had constipation like WOW! And I do not purge them out too, yay. 

- Early this week was depressing because my mood plummeted for no reason and I went into a frozen war with HubBear. It didn't help that he actually worked overnight on Tuesday and came home only early Wednesday morning at 6am zzz. Somehow he managed to keep me occupied in whatsapp with our exchange of not so nice !@#$% and we reconciled on Wednesday by lunch time when my mood swung up again suddenly randomly and I missed him terribly... I have a wonderful Husband.

- No stretchmarks YET

- Right leg keeps cramping at random uncontrollable moments, even when I'm walking, in fact it happens anytime, anywhere

- No food cravings at all, eating very little because there's no space to squeeze in one full meal.

- I'll leave durians to September hahaha~~~

My Aunt made for her 2 grandsons pillows made of beansprout husks! I love it so much, so I asked my parents to make 3 pillows for their grandson as well LOL They have begun drying those beans and kept the pet dogs away woooo excited! This homemade activity requires a lot of effort, but knowing it is handmade makes these pillows priceless.

As a 'reward', I took my parents to watch Transformers with us hehehe!

Last week was the Harvey Norman's Expo Sale and argh I love these kind of sales. We bought a Home Theater for our study room at only $199 (Usual $599) Just 5 sets only woo~ You should see how everyone grabbed the ticket at the hourly special

Well everyone has been criticising me and HubBear for buying too early for our new apartment. All I can say is, we like to plan ahead. I know we would be stressing out with the renovation loans and other furnitures (and more expenses) Honestly, I wouldn't settle for a more expensive item later if I knew I can get them at less than half price today, brand new. It is not like an iPhone or a Computer which may out-date. Appliances and basic home necessities, well I don't see them getting beyond version 10 in less than 2 years. Rght now, I'm infatuated with Dyson products and having regrets not getting them at 50% off omg...

Our Home *squeals*
Crossing fingers tight to getting our keys in 2016

I still have 10 articles in drafts mode waiting to be published!!! 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Vacation 2014: Legoland Themepark

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Just mimicking the fear factor

On the first day, the bubbles saw The Dragon (roller coaster) and declared they will NOT PARTICIPATE in that activity. Well, I'm a roller coaster fanatic but with little bubbles inside me, and there was no way anyone was going to allow me on board the ride LOL!!! 

I must admit, I felt extraordinarily exasperated and BORED during our 3 days stay at Legoland because there was nothing I could do but sit around, watching everyone enjoy themselves.

I guess the game host could also feel my 'heat' and helped us with lots of tips on winning the dragons AND WE WON!!! Thanks to me!!! There was nothing else I could do anyway.... Love the game stalls!

The Driving School is probably the bubbles Favourite, or so I thought. We made them each their very own driving license to keep as a souvenir.

We thought the Boating school was boring...... 

But then we realized it was damn fun because we had the opportunity to steer the boats (which was rather difficult) and we ended up having a bumper boat ride by trying to overtake each other.

Look out for the cute animated Lego Figurines everywhere 

This has to be one of our best movie experiences. I don't usually enjoy cartoon movies but the Lego movie and it's special effects did impress me, given the fact that the chairs, did not move at all by the way. 

At Legoland, food is not cheap. You have to find good value meals. We went for the Italian food because the pizza smells great when we walked past hehe

Most importantly, they have a very attractive value meal on the menu!

The pizza tastes really good. However I would skip the soups which were rather diluted and bland haha! 

The Dragon hides in this castle. On our second day just before the park close, the bubbles finally plucked up the courage to ride the dragon. Once they started, they could not stop!!! I was very, very lonely and ENVIOUS as I waited for more than an hour whilst they played repetitively. The 4 annual legoland passes have now become worthy!

It is a pity we spent a lot of time with the rides and didn't have any time to admire Mini Land which I thought was really beautiful and a must visit, in the late evening though (avoid the hot sun).

In awe! The tremendous amount of effort in creating this spectacular piece

We won lots of prizes taking part in those special mini gigs - magic show, dance activity etc hehehe 

Three days is a good time to spend at Legoland with the first day spent at the wet full of fun Water Park (must go). For both parks, you are advised to slap on as much sunblock as you possibly can. Let's just say sunblock is a MUST have necessity. You can't save on them at this theme park. If you forgot to bring them, you can always buy them at the mall just beside Legoland Hotel. 

It is recommended that you purchase a one day ticket to "reccee" the park with the children before purchasing the annual passes. It was clear to me that we will visit Legoland very often because we absolutely love the wet and dry parks.

Outside of Legoland (the mall beside the hotel), there are several cafés and restaurants that also provide delicious food at a much lower cost. I've captured all of them here: