Friday, 22 August 2014

Trimester 3: Week 33 Dread

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Week 33 has been terrible..... I have been sick for almost a week.

Last Saturday, I woke up with a terrible headache and vomited non stop. Quickly rushed to the Mount Alvernia A&E to check if Baby is fine, baby is, but I'm NOT. I was diagnosed with stomach flu and jabbed in the buttocks. (I'm still skeptical about the diagnosis!!!)

My fever has gone up and down until today with no signs of retreat, worst of all, I am now covered in RASHES!!! 

Checked in with the Gynae yesterday who said I could be allergic to something like paint or I don't know! He says it is pregnancy unrelated. Baby is fine and still growing (estimated 2.3kg now), despite my battling this whatever it is viral. I've been measured a 34weeker although my due date says I am a 33weeker. Gynae gives a 5 more weeks until we see baby, estimates an end September baby.  

I have mobility issues, getting frustrated at every single thing I do including my movement. Getting in and out of bed, sitting or lying down is A LOT OF EFFORT!!! Work has been keeping me occupied but, I just want to be normal again. 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Dubai: A Must-Experience Destination

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The Government of Dubai accompanied by members of the country’s tourism sector is rolling out strategic programmes tailored to cement Dubai’s status as a must-experience destination that offers constantly enriching and exceptional pleasures to its visitors.


The country’s tourism sector had seen substantial growth in the last 10 to 15 years, with the number of hotel guests annually exceeding the 10 million mark in 2012. And, the target of its ‘Tourism Vision for 2020’ is to double that number. Hence, this week, representatives of its Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), Emirates airline and partners from hotels and destination management companies are visiting Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore to highlight Dubai’s credentials as a destination for their holiday markers and explore partnerships with local travel industry professionals.


Dubai has been named a top city to visit in 2014 by the New York Times and theTripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards, and also climbed to the world’s fifth most visited city in Mastercard’s Global Destination Cities Index. The award wins are attributable to a series of tourism-friendly legislative changes and the opening and announcement of new hotels, attractions and events speaking to the efficacy of the emirate’s target for 2020 and related efforts.


The Dubai delegation will be promoting the city as the best destination for shopping and its superb hotels, as hailed inTripAdvisor’s second annual Cities Survey, and also a range of other attractions, events and experiences that the emirate provides.


Speaking ahead of the roadshow, DTCM Director of Overseas Offices Saleh Mohamed Al Geziry said: “The Government’s long-term vision for the country’s tourism has the full support of the private sector. We have a tourism industry all zest up seeking to provide new experiences to visitors and growing existing visitor sources as well as securing new ones.


“We have traditionally welcomed visitors from the region en route to Mecca, the US and Europe flying with the Emirates and national airlines of Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, but we see a significant potential for Dubai to become THE FINAL destination instead of merely a ‘stopover’.”


Announced in May 2013, the Tourism Vision for 2020 of Dubai provides a strategic framework for guiding government departments and the private sector to achieve the 20 million visitors per year target by decade end, and having welcomed more than 11 million hotel guests in 2013, the emirate is on course to achieving that target.


Al Geziry said: “Building on the full embrace of government departments and the private sector, the Vision which has been announced just a year has made good progress. A major focus of ours is on positioning Dubai as a world-leading family travel destination and collaboration between the Government and private sector in coming up continuously with more innovative and attractive activities and events has helped shape Dubai into an ideal destination for family vacations.


“In January 2015, we will celebrate the 20thanniversary of the Dubai Shopping Festival and two festivals launched last year namely the Dubai Food Festival and Dubai Motor Festival  will welcome visitors in February and October, the former especially will highlight the exquisite but often unknown gastronomic delights the emirate has to offer. Those are in addition to our packed calendar of events in music, culture and sports and also the wide range of family attractions.


The imminent projects that promise to excite visitors include the Dubai Tram and the Dubai Safari Project to be unveiled and the 14km Jumeirah Corniche to be completed this year, Wire World – the largest man-made adventure park in the world - in November, a host of theme parks such as Legoland scheduled to open in 2016, a Six Flags theme park – the first to open by the theme park giant outside North America – ready to entertain in 2017. And, there are also Dubai’s first Opera House located close to the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower and the Bluewaters Island to open in 2018 is home to the Dubai Eye billed to become the world’s tallest ferris wheel.


As the host of Expo 2020, Dubai is also hard at work on the first phase of the emirate’s second international airport, which will markedly boost access to the most connected city on the planet.


And the hotel industry, as an essential constituent of the tourism sector, has continued to expand its portfolio. By the end of 2016, an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 hotel rooms will be added to the existing 85,000. New hotels to join the industry include the designer resort Palazzo Versace those of hotel groups Langham and Viceroy the first time in the emirate.


The five-star hotels opened in the past year include Palm Jumeirah resorts Anantara, Sofitel and Waldorf Astoria, and there are city properties Oberoi and Conrad and a number of three- and four-star properties. Being a growth focus of the Dubai Government, the last group or mid-market hotels have benefited from related legislative changes made by the Government recently.


Al Geziry said: “Dubai is well known for its luxurious hotels and spas which impress higher-end visitors and families. We will continue to grow this offer; however, we know we have much to offer to all types of visitors on business or for leisure in Dubai, hence the focus on developing also the mid-market hotel segment. We want to let visitors know that Dubai, with a population comprising more than 200 nationalities, is THE FINAL destination ready to meet their diverse preferences.”


Emirates Airline operates 4 daily flights from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai and 5 daily flights from Singapore and Jakarta to Dubai.




About Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM)

With the ultimate vision of positioning Dubai as the world’s leading tourism destination and commercial hub, Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing’s (DTCM) mission is to increase the awareness of Dubai to global audiences and to attract tourists and inward investment into the Emirate.


DTCM is the principal authority for the planning, supervision, development and marketing of Dubai’s tourism sector; markets and promotes the Emirate’s commerce sector; and is responsible for the licencing and classification of all tourism services, including hotels, tour operators and travel agents. Brands and departments within the DTCM portfolio include Dubai Convention and Events Bureau, Dubai Calendar, and Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (formerly known as Dubai Events and Promotions Establishment). In addition to its headquarters in Dubai, DTCM operates 20 offices worldwide.


New Sky Gym to open at Loewen Gardens

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Sky Gym, a leading provider of gymnastics courses for children of all ages in Singapore since 2005, will be launching a new branch at Loewen Gardens on September 6.

Sky Gym offers a wide variety of gymnastics programs and is a great place for birthday parties. Its programmes are tailored to the needs of children at many different levels. Coaches account for different skill levels as well as age groups, and teach progressive skills for beginners and experienced 
students alike.

But while Sky Gym is already a well-known name in Singapore, consultant Kevin Lam predicts that its new branch will be better still. “Sky Gym at Loewen Gardens will be among the best equipped gymnasiums in Singapore catering specifically toward young children,” says Lam. “Gymnastics offers children many benefits, from fitness and flexibility, to confidence and discipline. We will be offering a range of programmes geared toward aiding the development of children in a fun, rewarding and non-competitive environment." 

It will include 250 square meters of floor space and contain a wide range of gymnastic apparatuses to cater to children from 12 months to 7 years of age, as well as a nine meter long tumble track trampoline.

Initially, Sky Gym will offer three programs. Gymtots is a one-hour parent-child class for ages 1 to 3.6 years, a structured introductory program for children to learn basic gymnastics skills. Kindergym, for ages 3 to 6, will focus on strength, flexibility, and coordination, with music and dance activities to keep things fun. Recreation is an introductory course for beginners aged 5 and above.

Sky Gym are having an Open Day on the 6th September, details are:

Open Day: Saturday 6 September, 10am-12pm or 2pm-4pm,
Phone: 6255 4230
Address: 75A Loewen Road, Loewen Gardens, Singapore 248844


Thursday, 14 August 2014

Bed Rest until I Pop

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- Baby Chooby was measured and is an estimate of 2.2kg at 32weeks pregnancy, slightly bigger. He's fine and very active. I'm not. 

- Gynae says I am week 33 now, I thought I am 32... Never mind

- I now weigh 77.2kg 

- I don't know which is more depressing, my weight or the contractions resulting in bedrest. 

- I have random painful cramps everywhere in my body, sometimes my right leg, sometimes my left buttock, sometimes my wrist, sometimes even my feet.... I don't like it. It is painful. 

- stretch marks are appearing here and there and everywhere. Not happy.

- Gynae visits are now bi-weekly, then it will be once a week pretty quickly. The pregnancy weeks from the 30th onwards seem to pass by faster somehow.... 

- To keep myself occupied and happier, I shall work from home on the bed. 

- My fav tv programmes on Ch8 are Nezha 7pm and Blessings 9pm (ending soon zzz), Crime and Investigation, EVE and TruTV. I am now exploring food channels so that I can fill my HubBear's tummy with my ("I am a good cook") cooking. 

- Good thing about the weather is that it has been really cooling lately, and my confinement period will be comfortable. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Pre-Natal Light Blues

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The contractions came back just 4 hours ago. Here's how I feel:

- Helpless
- Useless
- Weak
- Exhausted
- Worried
- Angry
- Insecure 

I have to see the Gynae tomorrow morning to check if I have dilated, and will definitely be put back on bed-rest until the day I deliver. Week 32 is way too early... Not confident. Praying I can work from home on the bed and last until full term. 


Sunday, 10 August 2014

Trimester 3: Week 32

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8 more weeks until we see this little boy... Have to take some more "before" pics heheheh. HubBear used an eyeliner and drew on my tummy. Terribly slanted duh. 

I'm heading back to work tomorrow!!!! Having mixed emotions actually... I will be working until the 16th of September and will guai guai be on bed rest. I honestly do not know if I can last that long, Gynae is not confident either. My Edd (estimated due date) is on 8 October but we have agreed to induce baby on 5 October, my birthday (provided I pull through that long enough). 

I can't walk too much and have to remain as much seated as I can to prevent the baby's weight from adding pressure on to my cervix and then invoking an early labour. I will try.... I just hope baby cooperates!

I've been warned by the Gynae that if the contractions starts coming back again, I will be admitted into the hospital to AGAIN stop the labour and will have to be on bedrest until the due date arrives zzzzzzzz so he did ask - do you really need to work? Why not start your maternity leave earlier? You need bed rest and stop walking too much. 

2 months!!!! And then an even shorter time with baby? No way.... 
I'll pray to God. 
Baby, you be good ok.