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Fun Gender Prediction
Pink or Blue?

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14 Weeks (Via Google Images)

1) The Mayan Gender Tests
There are two ways to calculate using the Mayan test:

Test One:
Odds = Boy
Even = Girl

You add the (Age you conceived/conception) with the (Year of Conception)

Baby 1:
Age (2 + 2) + Year (2 + 0 + 0 + 3) = 9 (Odd = Boy)
I gave birth to a Girl oops! (Wrong!)

Baby 2:
(2 + 4) + (2 + 0 + 0 + 4) = 12 (Even = Girl)
I gave birth to a Boy oops! (Wrong!)

Baby 3:
(3 + 3) + (2 + 0 + 1 + 4) = 13 (Odd = Boy) (pending)

I may be having a Boy.
BUT if the opposite counts, I should be having a Girl yay~!

Test Two:
Same Same or Different?

Same Same Concept (Girl):
Age at Conception (Odd) + Year of Conception (Odd) = Girl
Age at Conception (Even) + Year of Conception (Even) = Girl

Baby 2: Age (24) and Year (2004) = Boy (Wrong!)

Different Concept (Boy):
Age at Conception (Odd) + Year of Conception (Even) = Boy
Age at Conception (Even) + Year of Conception (Odd) = Boy

Baby 1: Age (22) and Year (2003) = Girl (Wrong!)
Baby 3: Age (33) and Year (2014) = Boy? (pending)

I may be having a Boy according to the calculation.
BUT if the opposite counts, I should be having a Girl yay~!

2) The Chinese Gender Prediction 
Here's the Link to the Calculator: Click Here
The calculator has been set to calculate your chinese age and chinese calendar for you so all you have to do is plonk in the dates the normal calendar way.
Baby 1: I gave birth to a Girl oops! (Wrong!)
Baby 2: I gave birth to a Boy. (Correct!)
Baby 3: Will it be accurate? (pending)

I may be having a Boy.

3) The Body Evaluation 

My Hairy Leg

Its a Boy if you:
Do not experience morning sickness
Carry most pregnancy weight out in front
A low tummy
Crave more Salty food
Need to shave leg/armpit hair more frequently
Are looking better than usual (Is Fat Face counted as BAD?)
Have drier skin
 Hair is shinier and fuller (If it means Oily and Thick yes)

Its a Girl if you:
Experience morning sickness
Carry pregnancy weight in your hips and rear
A high tummy
Crave for more sweet food, fruits and juices
Are looking worse than before (Fat Face!)
Left breast is larger than the right breast
Softer skin and possibly more acne (Soft skin no, Acne yes)
Dull and thin hair (Dull yes, Thin no)

I may be having a Boy since there are more ticks.

4) The Heartbeat Test 

It is a Girl if the heart rate is 140 beats per minute or even faster.
It is a Boy if the heart rate is lesser than 140 beats per minute.

Baby Bubbles heart rate is hovering less than 140 beats per minute.

I may be having a Boy.

5) The Rice Counting Prediction 

My Aunt counting the rice grains I picked

A pregnant woman is suppose to grab a handful of rice with her right hand and then sort them all in pairs until the last pair or 1 grain of rice is left. According to my Aunt who apparently counted for everyone in the family including her sisters and her own grandchildren, she has been accurate. So if this one time is wrong, I'll be the first of Nth calculations she made that is a mistake, in other words breaking her perfect record lol!
She says:
It is a Girl if the remaining last bit is a Pair of Rice (Even).
It is a Boy if the remaining last bit is a Single Grain of Rice (Odd).

Upon checking online, I found the complete opposite:
It is a Girl if the remaining last bit is a Single Grain of Rice (Odd).

It is a Boy if the remaining last bit is a Pair of Rice (Even).

That's a 50/50.

I may be having a Boy. (According to my Aunt)
I may be having a Girl. (According to Online Search)

6) The Ultrasound
(These are not my ultrasound Pictures)

Boys are clearly identifiable with a very distinct Penis

Girls are clearly identifiable with the 3 LINES SIGN

I want a Healthy Baby with a bright future, regardless of Gender.
(And a smooth and safe delivery)


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Trimester 2: Week 14

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There is a slab of FATS right there at the back of my Body!

14 weeks if rounded off, is still 3 months.
Everyone is asking me if this is a Boy or a Girl. Honestly, I don't know. I'm still two months away from the detailed scanning. 

- Checking in at 64.8kg, that is 15.8kg of weight gain!!!!!!! 
- Legs especially my feet, are feeling the pain of carrying my heavy body weight
- HubBear says I am Snoring?! Great.
- I Pant a lot and I perspire easily
- No major morning sickness but I still cannot take dairy products eeks. Not allergic to any smells yay~
- I love Japanese rice bento or rice with Indian curry
- I have already been cutting down my food intake, I mean it. I eat lesser now, just many times a day la HAHAHA 
- I can feel our baby tapping a lot inside my tummy. Can't wait for Hubbear to physically feel the real movements by touch. He is always placing his hand on my tummy but duh, it's too early. 
- Our bond has grown so much stronger, closer because of my explosive farts (which I cannot control), hairy legs and armpits (we compete with his moustache to see whose grow faster), and my smelly head and armpits = body odour (gah!!!). 

I think he sympathizes with me as my body changes so drastically much to my frustrations and anxiety. 
- I have trouble with Acne on my face
- My boobs have grown even larger, so beautiful and I love them a lot. 
- I'm so big I can no longer see my pubic hair down there, sigh. I take longer to clean myself because I have trouble reaching those areas. 

HubBear massages me tummy and legs every night. He also washes my hair and then blow dries them because I have difficulty managing them. 
- I am very emotional (only with hubbear) I get angry a lot, I get upset a lot, I cry randomly, I feel lost sometimes, I also suffer from panic attacks. At the end of the day, I punch/slap/kick him in my sleep. 

Well there are moments I love him a lot and I will lean on his chest and everything will be OK. He has had to deal with my emotional roller coaster and I think he's getting a hang of it LOL. Good training for his patience and daddyhood. 

He has started reading Enid Blyton's fairy tales as bedtime stories for baby bubbles. His English pronunciation is simply terrible and monotonous. 

- In summary, I feel rather dreadful, uncomfortable and not normal. 
- Occasionally, I doubt I can slim down ever again. 

Our Wedding Gallery
By Destino Bridal

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10 Outfits
Minimal Touchup
No Special Effects (except wings were brushed on)
It Rained and we shivered in less than 10 degrees (looked like snow)
We Jumped countless of times for hours it was insane (looked like flying)
We climbed trees and rocks with so much caution
We even swam in ice cold waterfalls in the rain with fishes
Most importantly, we made great friends.

Bridal Studio: Destino Bridal Gallery 
Destination: Malaysia
Mount Kinabalu - Kota Tinggi Waterfalls - Destino Bridal

Destino Crew:
Account Manager: Priscilla Tew Bee Hui
Assistant Account Manager: Vicky Shir Li
Main Photographer: Johnson Wee
Assistant Photographer: Bruce Lee
Makeup Artist: Liffey Chen
Sabah Guide: Ah Lim

Proudly Presenting Pages of Our Wedding Album according to our specifications,
beautiful quotes, calligraphic fonts, styles, design, styling arrangements
and 9478781276312 modifications (Thanks to Sweet Priscilla)
 photo cover12x30albuma.jpg
 photo 12x30002a.jpg

 photo 15x24009c.jpg

 photo 12x30008c.jpg

 photo 15x24008c.jpg

 photo 15x24007a.jpg

 photo 15x24003b.jpg

 photo 12x30003d.jpg

 photo 15x24002d.jpg

 photo 12x30005c.jpg

 photo 15x24006b.jpg

 photo 12x30004c.jpg

 photo 15x24005c.jpg

 photo 15x24004a.jpg

 photo 12x30010b.jpg

 photo 15x24010e.jpg

 photo 12x30012c.jpg

 photo frame12x30002a.jpg

 photo frame20x40b.jpg

 photo 12x30011c.jpg

 photo frame12x30001a.jpg

 photo 15x24003b.jpg

 photo 15x24001b.jpg

 photo 12x30009b.jpg

 photo 12x30006b.jpg

 photo 12x30007b.jpg

Full gallery of our individual pictures can be found in our Facebook page: Click Here to View